Slurry Tankers, Dribble bars & Trailing Shoe’s

We offer a range of Low Emission Slurry Spreading (LESS) equipment. From Grass Technology Slurry Tankers – from 1600 gallons (6000 litres / 6m³) to 4500 gallons (17000 litres / 17m³) – which boast larger pumps with more outlets, to our market-leading dribble bars and trailing shoes – we have a range of slurry handling equipment to suit your needs. We retro-fit to any tanker; chassis-mounted for a secure and long-lasting service. We are creating a new standard for farmers in Ireland, the UK, Europe and beyond.



We offer quality products with simple design delivering superior results. We engineer and manufacture everything on-site in Borris, Co. Carlow. For retro-fit jobs, we collect your tanker and return it once the work is completed and tested.



For superior performance, we use the Alrena precision macerator from Bomech. It uses 12 self-sharpening blades which makes light work of all solid matter. Even bits of wood or plastic! The Alrena macerator has an auto-reverse function as standard for clearing blockages.


All products are TAMS approved.

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The Alrena macerator (from Bomech) is the best in the business. No contest.

Twelve cutting knives make short work of any solids passing through.

Auto-reverse function comes as standard and ensures that any blockages are quickly and efficiently cleared automatically without user intervention.

The twelve self-sharpening knives mean that maintenance and parts replacement is minimal.


We ensure a hard-wearing and long-lasting product by fitting dribble bars on to the chassis of the tanker.

Other brands will offer a quick fix job and mount the dribble bar to the inspection plate of the tanker with bolts.

We believe the surest way to ensure long life and avoid tankers rupturing is to chassis-mount only.


Different sizes are available but 7.5m booms are standard.

The total dribble bar weight is approximately 450kg.

Only one set of double acting hydraulic spool is needed.


Lasered booms

The booms are fabricated using laser-cut folded steel sheet, incredibly light without compromising on strength.

Full spring breakaways are fitted and function both when the dribble bar is in use, and when the booms are folded up for transport.

TAMS approved

All our low emission slurry spreading equipment is eligible for government grant subsidies.

Cutting edge technology

Operate the dribble bar from the comfort of the cab using our touch-screen display control.

When raising or lowering the booms, an alarm will alert when the movement is complete. When the auto-reverse function kicks in, you will also be alerted. You need only leave the cab if there is a blockage which cannot clear, and the system will alert you of this also.

We use high-quality LED lighting to make sure you are safe and seen.

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