Why Zero Graze

Reduce costs – fact not fiction

Dairy farmers throughout the UK and Ireland who have converted to a Zero Grazing system during the spring, summer and autumn using a Grass Technology Grazer, have found that they have been able to considerably reduce their production costs and improve productivity.

By changing to a Zero Grazing system from the early Spring through until late Autumn instead of a grazing based system or feeding housed cattle silage all-year round, some of the main cost benefits users of the Grazer have been able to achieve are:

• Reduced concentrate use
Cows are designed to eat grass. By feeding fresh, high quality young grass in place of silage, milk yields of 20 litres are easily achievable. By achieving a higher milk yield over maintenance and increased protein and butterfat levels, concentrate usage is reduced.

• Reduced silage harvesting cost

• Reduced wear and tear on your TMR mixer

• Improved grass utilisation

• Improved land utilisation

• Reduced fertiliser cost