PRO-DRILL 2500 Seeder

The Pro-Drill 2500 is unlike any other seeder available in Ireland or most of Europe.


Rather than using discs which cut into the ground at an angle this drill seeder, engineered and made by Grass Technology, has straight blades. These cut into the soil, and an equalising hydraulic system works in tandem to cause the flat-nosed up clearance plates to rise and fall with the contours of the land. It is particularly well suited to land which is hard or stony, or heavy clay, where conventional seeders fail.


This is a simple design with superior results. We aim to help you to profit from grass!

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Hydraulic system

The equalising hydraulic system is unique to Grass Technology's seeder. The seeds will always be planted at a consistent depth, as the seeder follows the contours of the land, with each foot rising and falling over any lumps or bumps, and the Stranex tails nudging the seeds into the soil to maximise soil contact.

Seed Type

This seeder is suitable for a large variety of grasses, as well as crops e.g. rapeseed, redstart, kale, etc.

Land type

The Pro-Drill 2500 performs on all land types, and is particularly effective on land where conventional seeders falter, e.g. rough or stony ground, hard or hilly ground, or even land with sticky clay. The blades, hydraulic system and water ballast all contribute towards exceptional performance even in difficult conditions.


The Pro-Drill 2500 has 15 blades which cut a straight slot into the ground, widening the slot as it does so to enable the seed to fall into place. Each blade is made from Hardox and can be turned 4 times, ensuring a long life and efficient performance.


Each slot cut by the blades is spaced 70mm apart, ensuring seeds are planted closer together than other seeders, meaning only one pass of a field is necessary for seeding.
The seeder can be adjusted, closing off some of the seed outlets, to enable wider spacing if desired.

Total Width

The Pro-Drill seeder is only available at 2.5m wide. Even on hilly or rough ground, a 100HP tractor will manage well with this machine.

Slot depth

The blades, in conjunction with the hydraulic system, ensures an even and consistent slot depth. Each seed will be planted at the optimum depth of 12mm and the Stranex tails will nudge the seeds into the ground, allowing the preferred seed/soil contact.

Additional features
  • The seeder uses a land-wheel drive to ensure consistent seed output.
  • The water ballast can be filled and emptied as needed to add weight to the seeder, particularly for hard ground.
  • The adjustable control on the side regulates the seed rate and can be fully calibrated

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